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When I was four, my kindergarten threatened to kick me out for refusing to paint.

Ten years later, I was asked to leave a geography class for writing country names on a map instead of coloring them in. I argued identifying France was more important than it being green, but my teacher felt otherwise.

Seventeen years on, and here I am, sending my own drawing to hundreds of thousands of people, promoting the world’s finest art-centric hotels. How things change.

Check out my work (and the hotels) below.

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Coloring outside the lines,



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Image: Airbnb

Airbnb heads back to its roots

Airbnb unveiled its most expansive update yet. But in some ways, it’s less of an update and more so a return to its roots.

Alongside a string of fifty new features, the most significant detail to emerge was the “Rooms” category. The option, much like other categories like beachfront or poolside, only shows rooms listed inside people’s homes. As these stays were the cornerstone of Airbnb’s original concept, they’ve always been available, but as the cost of living soars, the company is putting a stronger emphasis on them.

To help ease people’s concerns about living in close quarters with a stranger, the properties listed in the Rooms category are now shown with a picture of the host. When clicked, so-called “host passports” appear, highlighting their interests, line of work, and travel tips, as well as immediate access to their reviews and other properties.

According to Airbnb, 80% of the stays in this category are under $100, with the average sitting around $67. There’s no denying it’s a cheaper option, and with other brands now placing a target firmly on Airbnb’s back, it’s a smart ploy.

All listings in the category are also required to show if there are locks on the door and if bathrooms are shared or private.

Other notable features included in the update are more comprehensive pricing views, checkout instructions before booking, instant rebooking credits, and improved map functionality. Check out the entire press release here.


A Banksy got everyday investors 32% returns?

Mm-hmm, sure. So, what’s the catch? 

We know it may sound too good to be true. But thousands of investors are already smiling all the way to the bank, thanks to the fine-art investing platform Masterworks.  

These results aren’t cherry-picking. This is the whole bushel. Masterworks has built a track record of 13 exits, including net returns of +10.4%, +27.3%, and +35.0%, even while financial markets plummeted.

But art? Really? Okay, skeptics, here are the numbers. Contemporary art prices:

  • outpaced the S&P 500 by 131% over the last 26 years

  • have the lowest correlation to equities of any asset class

  • remained stable through the dot-com bubble and ’08 crisis

Got your attention yet? Room Service readers can skip the waitlist to join with this exclusive link.

See important disclosures at


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I'll be hosting my first exhibition soon. Watch this space.

Full Art Immersion

Once you’ve drawn your attention away from my masterpiece above, let’s get down to the real art.

Art is amazing. It’s everywhere. And whether you realize it or not, it plays a huge role in setting the scene for some of your best stays. But if you’re a true art lover, you should take it one step further, and immerse yourself completely.

To help you along, here are the best art hotels in the world


Create emails quickly with structures

Image: Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba

Work at beachside hotel in Aruba for a month

Is your job wearing you down a little? We might have the perfect remedy.

Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba is looking to hire an in-house social media content creator to live in-house for a month.

It’s not the first time the fabulous little “barefoot luxury” hotel has posted the position. Tess Gerdmen (check her Insta here) was last year’s successful applicant and spent a dreamy four weeks enjoying the resort, grilling fish on her front patio, lazing around in hammocks, and hanging at the beach. I’m sure she did some form of work for them at some point.

The month-long position comes with your airfare included, as well as a car rental to get around and a stipend. Frankly, I’d do it for free. Bear in mind, as wonderful as it sounds, it is a job, so make sure your content creation is top-notch.

All you need to do is apply using this form. Applications will close on June 30th, so you have some time. But why would you wait? 


*This link is sponsored


Art inside and out in Cape Town

The Silo | South Africa 

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