PLUS: The world's best airlines for 2022
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In today's edition:

  • The US approves more flights to Cuba

  • See which carrier won Best Airline for 2022

  • A big win for those in favor of shorter work weeks

  • The US housing market could plummet by 20% within a year



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More flights to Cuba will be available soon

JetBlue and American Airlines are adding more flights to Cuba as the Biden administration gives the okay for Americans to start signing up for group trips again. 

While individual educational travel has not been reinstated, the move shows the Biden administration’s efforts to reinstate travel to Cuba, including to smaller cities beyond the capital, after the Trump administration banned all cruises to the island and all flights except Havana. 

American Airlines is adding 13 weekly flights from Miami to their schedule which already includes six daily flights. JetBlue already has three-weekday flights to Havana but will add a Saturday flight from Fort Lauderdale to Havana. The additional flights should be available by mid-December.


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Skytrax names the best airlines of 2022

At the 2022 Skytrax World Airline Awards, the trusted UK-based airline and airport review site revealed the top airlines of 2022. 

Qatar took home the first place prize. It wasn’t a complete shock given that the airline has won the award seven times since 1999 and they took home the top prize from earlier this year. Still, it’s an especially big feat to take home so many awards in a year that’s been chock-full of travel chaos. 

Qatar Airways took home eight more awards and was especially recognized for their Business class. Singapore Airlines landed in second place and swept the First Class categories while Emirates took home third and dominated in the Economy Class awards. 

Delta was the leading US airline, taking home six awards. Ryanair took home an award from the Skytrax ceremony for the first time when they were named the Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe.

The rankings were calculated based on more than 14 million customer surveys in over 100 countries between September 2021 and August 2022.


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Legal election betting markets … coming soon

For decades, we’ve sat around the dinner table discussing how politics affect our lives. Policy on taxes, environment, healthcare, energy, education, and practically every economic aspect of a person’s life all stem from who is in office.

Wall Street, hedge funds, and big banks have been trading on politics for years, while the average American has been locked out. That’s why Kalshi built an entirely new asset class — one that Wall Street has never shared – so every American can take back control of their investment decisions.

Investors are already using Kalshi to trade events like will the US go into recession or if 2022 will be the hottest year on record.

Soon traders will be able to buy "Yes" or "No" shares tied to specific future political events — like "Will the Republicans win control of the house?" As the event becomes more likely to happen, the value of the share appreciates. You can sell the shares any time, or hold until the market resolves.

The first 400 signups get priority access to our new election markets.


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World's largest 4-day workweek experiment shows no harm to productivity, improved employee wellbeing

A pilot program in Britain is proving that 4-day work weeks do not cause a loss in productivity, and can even increase productivity and employee wellbeing in some cases.

These findings come at the half-way, or three-month mark, into a six-month trial of more than 70 companies in the UK. Of those companies, all but two of the 41 companies that responded at the half-way point say that productivity has either remained the same or improved, while an impressive 86% say they're either 'likely' or 'very likely' to consider keeping the 4-day work week in place.

The speculated benefits of a shorter work week are certainly not new. Other countries and companies, like Microsoft’s Japan division, have experimented with the idea but no study has ever been conducted on this big of a scale or across this many industries including banking, health care, retail, and marketing. 

Though some companies in the study, like Allcap, say it’s too soon to see how the study will affect the company’s bottom line, customers have not noticed a difference, and employees have enjoyed a healthier work-life balance.


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US housing prices could drop 20% by next year

US housing prices are down 5% since May and economists say that they could drop as much as 20% by mid-2023.

The chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics (PM) says that US housing is in a recession and prices will continue to fall amid the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes and efforts to bring down house prices. 

"The deceleration in housing prices that we're seeing should help bring prices more in line with rents and other housing-market fundamentals. And that's a good thing,” said Fed Chair Jerome Powell. 

This could spell good news for consumers as US rental prices fell for the first time last month since November 2021. US home sales also declined for seven months in a row, bringing prices down nearly 6% from peak pricing in June. 

The economists from PM added that the current housing downturn wouldn’t necessarily crash the US economy but the Fed and economists are still keeping a watchful eye on the unprecedented inflation numbers.


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