The best rainforest hideouts on the planet
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Welcome to the jungle, albeit a far more luxurious one than Guns n’ Roses sang about.

That’s right. This week’s Room Service is whisking you off to the finest rainforest stays on the planet. From hidden treehouses to full-blown resorts, there’s more nestled among the trees than you think. Get ready to go full Tarzan (or Jane).

Just go easy on the loincloth. It’s still a hotel.

In this week’s edition:

  • Would you sleep in the hotel lobby for free?

  • Robots could be bringing your room service

  • An unbelievable Malaysian rainforest resort 

  • How does a private jungle waterfall sound?


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credit: Ibiza Spotlight

This Ibiza hotel lets you stay for free…in a glass room

An Ibiza hotel is offering guests a free stay… as long as they don’t mind being watched.

Guests can stay in the fully-furnished glass guest room, named the Zero Suite, which sits near the check-in of the Paradiso Art Hotel on the popular Spanish island. The quirky addition quickly garnered interest after a popular British TikToker shared her experience sleeping in full view of anyone passing through the hotel. We can confirm that, yes, the bathroom is separate.

The experience is free for guests, who can only stay one night and can only be booked once per calendar year. Despite the majority of the online responses to the room voicing horror at the thought, the hotel has seen a tremendous spike in bookings and is turning away bookings until the end of the year.

The installation was built in 2018, but with the pandemic halting any traction, the experience has recently enjoyed a renewed surge in attention. The hotel chain is known for its artsy style, often showing exhibits in the lobby, and even has a tattoo parlor on-site.


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Setting a new standard of everyday living

Quince made a splash proving that their $50 cashmere sweater was soft, cozy, and everything else you'd hope from a luxury retailer.

This past year they've worked to show that other apparel and home goods are also ripe for innovation. Their comforters were named to Sleep Foundation's Best Comforters of 2022, and are half the price of their competitors. Plus, items that were seemingly unattainable were now within reach: European linen bedding for $130, washable silk blouses for $60, leather jackets for $150.

They don’t do huge, wasteful production runs because they only make what they *know* will sell (it’s not uncommon for restocks to sell out the same day). And despite global supply chains causing problems for all retailers, Quince doesn't seem to be slowing down its new product launches and every week there's something new.

We're convinced, check it out for yourself here!


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credit: Airbnb

Brazilian Jungle Silo

Paratay, Brazil
$$ | Pics →

If you’re going to stay in the jungle, you should really stay in the jungle. This astonishingly designed property is a converted arched shed in the Brazilian rainforest. The wide-open spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides make it impossible to forget you’re in the rainforest, while the interior’s minimal but homely furnishings ensure it's as comfortable as it is dramatic.

Topping a stay here off is the private access to a natural pool with its own little waterfall. Mornings can be spent enjoying a dip while monkeys clamber across the canopy above. Peckish? Grab a banana from one of the surrounding trees, kick back, and enjoy nature at its serene and beautiful best.

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credit: The Datai Langkawi

The Datai Langkwai

Lankawai, Malaysia
$$$Pics →

Malaysia is a criminally underrated destination, but if anything puts this vibrant country on your radar, let it be the Datai Langkawi. Cocooned deep within Langkawi’s ten million-year-old island rainforest, the Datai is an architectural marvel, as well as a world standard in sustainability.

Perched on a ridge overlooking one of the best beaches on the planet, guests are treated to the ultimate respite from the bustling world beyond the island. Visitors can stay in guest rooms, suites, and even jungle villas, all boasting forest views and access to the resort amenities like the stunning pools and spas.

The beach is only 300 meters down a jungle trail, while on-site activities include Malaysian cooking classes, guided naturalist tours, and five dining options. For an unforgettable jungle resort experience, there are few better choices.

To sweeten the deal, rooms start from just $296. Not bad for one of the best resorts in Asia.


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Daniel Gillaspia (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Hotels turn to robots to fight staffing shortages

The travel industry as a whole has been struggling to cope with massive staff shortages lingering on since the pandemic began. While airlines have cut flights and sped up security checks, hotels have started to get more creative with their solutions — in this case, by bringing in robots.

A growing number of hotels, including big names like Mandarin Oriental and Holiday Inn Express, have already installed robots to carry out customer service tasks like delivering extra towels or food orders. The surprisingly cute rolling machines are decked out in bowties and sport names like Alfred and Geoffrey. While they’re unable to knock on doors, they will notify you of their presence using a specialized app.

They even try to bridge the human-robot gap by adding some personality through messages and jokes on their digital screens. The bots are equipped with sensors to avoid crashes and sealed compartments to prevent anyone else from getting their hands on deliveries.

Unions aren’t happy, however, suggesting that the growth of such technology threatens hotel workers' livelihoods across the country. Hotel managers have countered, arguing that they are left with little choice without more people interested in working in the hotel industry.


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credit: The Siam

We featured this stunning central Bangkok hotel in yesterday’s Next Stop newsletter. This villa courtyard room comes with its own pool, as well as access to the Siam’s world-class amenities (frequented by Thai Royalty), including a movie theater, riverboat dinners, and even traditional Thai tattoos. 

The question is, how much will this level of opulence run you per night?

  • $522

  • $875

  • $1269

  • $2095


  • Marriott hit by another data breach – its 3rd in 4 years

  • The hotel bars drawing more guests than the rooms

  • Get 3 free nights with this new hotels Rewards Visa sign up bonus

  • Thai hotels may be forced to operate dual rates for foreigners

  • Marriott partners with TED to turn your hotel room into a puzzle

  • Nashville’s huge surge of new hotels

Answer: A night in the Courtyard Pool Villa at Bangkok's top hotel will run you $875


Sunset at an eco-luxury resort on a working coffee plantation

Munduk Moding Plantation | Bali, Indonesia | @reispackers

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