PLUS: Canada is giving Americans free parks passes
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After a slew of cancellations and delays, Delta Airlines threw a pizza party for its passengers. While I do think ‘party’ is a strong word to use for a makeshift buffet meant to satiate disgruntled travelers, it still couldn't have been worse than the ones from my elementary school days.

In today's edition:

  • Frontier's birthday sale

  • A Canadian contest for American nature lovers 

  • Boris Johnson urged to resign

  • There's something in the water



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Frontier celebrates its birthday with 75% off flights

To celebrate its 28th birthday, low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines is offering 75% off flights. But you’ll have to act fast. 

The offer, which ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST, is valid on nonstop, roundtrip flights to and from the continental United States and Puerto Rico. Travel must take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from August 9th through October 5th. Several blackout dates apply on August 31st, September 3rd, September 6th, and 7th. 

It should be noted that any tickets booked on the birthday sale are nonrefundable and the budget carrier is still charging for extra add-ons like seat selection and baggage. 

To keep the celebration going, Frontier is also giving away free roundtrip flights worth $250 each to 28 lucky winners. The giveaway has a separate online application form that must be completed by July 12th. New York and Florida residents are excluded from the contest. May the odds be in your favor.


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Canada is giving Americans free parks passes, a $20k sabbatical

Canada is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders. Now, they want to share that beauty with their neighbors by giving Americans the chance to win two nature-focused contests

4,000 Americans have the chance to win year-long Parks Canada Discovery Passes (valued at $113), which include access to over 80 Canadian nature destinations. 

One lucky American will also win a ‘Dream Nature Sabbatical’, valued at $20,000. This tailored traveling experience covers all transportation, accommodations, and excursions curated by Canadian travel experts. Plus, the winner will get up to $2,500 to spend on Canadian brand travel gear, stipends to cover food, 12 months of access to Canada’s parks, and more. 

The giveaways are a part of Canada’s ℞efresh tourism campaign, which aims to put iconic Canadian destinations on the map for American travelers. The focus on the nation’s natural wonders reflects the maple-leafed country’s efforts to support the link between physical and mental health and time spent outdoors with their PaRx initiative, which allows doctors to prescribe patients time in nature in the form of free passes to national parks.

The contest is live now through July 31st and those entering must be US residents who are 21+ years of age.


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Wellness made easy

Wanna add some feel-good flavor to your day? Green Juice has the scrumptious boost you need to help you feel your best all day long. And just in time for summer, Organifi dropped a refreshing, new limited-edition flavor: Crisp Apple.

This bevvie is loaded with adaptogenic superfoods that fight the harmful effects of stress. Plus, your daily Green Juice helps lower your cortisol levels, reduces cravings, and is formulated with delicious micronutrients.

Give your morning routine an upgrade you’ll look forward to. Use code DFC for 35% off for first-time subscribers + get 14 free Red Juice travel packs (a $40 value).


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Number 10 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Boris Johnson urged to step down as 30+ officials resign

The pressure is mounting for British Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson to relinquish his role as dozens of British officials resign and urge him to do the same.

 As of Wednesday, more than 30 lawmakers had resigned, many of whom directly called on the PM to resign after he promoted lawmaker Chris Pincher to deputy chief whip after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Among those resigning are many of his former allies, including his two most senior Cabinet ministers. Johnson is refusing to step down and is instead rushing to fill the vacancies left behind by the 30+ officials, including his health secretary and finance minister. 

The sexual misconduct is only the latest straw on the camel’s back, as Johnson’s political career has been shrouded in scandals. Those resigning are calling attention to Johnson’s dishonesty and eroding standards, including meeting with an ex-KGB officer without officials present and attending many parties during Covid lockdowns.

The Prime Minister already narrowly avoided being ousted when 41% of fellow Conservative lawmakers voted to remove him in a no-confidence vote in early June. And, while he shows no signs of giving in to the pressure, other lawmakers are discussing ways in which they could reformulate party rules to vote him out of office regardless.


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Report: EPA likely underestimating 'forever chemicals' in US water

A new study by The Guardian reports that the EPA is likely underestimating the level of potentially harmful chemicals in US water.

Just a few weeks ago, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced warnings for toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in drinking water all across the country. These harmful chemicals, or PFAS, have been dubbed ‘forever chemicals’ because they don’t fully break down and can build up in the body and nature. They’ve been linked to numerous health issues including cancer, birth defects, liver and kidney disease, and more.

After the EPA issued warnings, analysts at The Guardian took water samples from eight US cities, only to find that the type of water testing used by the EPA is severely limited and likely grossly underestimating the level of harmful chemicals. Their investigations found that seven out of nine samples had higher total amounts of PFAS and at concentrations as much as 24 times greater than what the EPA methods found.

Clean water advocacy groups are urging the EPA to use more comprehensive tests as they say that the tests do not capture the totality of contamination and the public health risk it poses.

In June, the Biden administration allocated $10 billion to address PFAS specifically. On an individual basis, the EPA is encouraging people to install a water filtration system or find other alternative water sources.


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