PLUS: Croatia's getting some new travel rules
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Good morning to all the Swifties who scored tickets to her Eras tour, my condolences to all of those who were cursed with a crashing Ticketmaster website, and good riddance to those of you who got tickets and are already reselling them for $12,000. May a curse land upon your loved ones for generations to come. 

In today's edition:

  • Lonely Planet's top 30 destinations for 2023

  • Why visiting Croatia will look different next year

  • Chase's sweet new Lyft perk

  • Earth officially reaches 8 billion people — so what now?



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Lonely Planet names its top 30 places to visit in 2023 — with a twist

Lonely Planet has long been a go-to site for travel guides and tips and they’ve just dropped their Best in Travel list for 2023.

While the list includes their top 30 destinations, each with a curated itinerary, this year also comes with a unique twist. For the first time, they're not ranking destinations but telling you the best type of trip to have there. The list is broken into 5 trip types: eat, journey, connect, learn, or unwind.

Here are some highlights:

Eat: Lima’s expansive culinary scene, including its cevicherías and knack for crafting fresh seafood dishes, make it the perfect destination for the travel foodie. With 2 of our writers having visited on their way to the Inca Trail this year, we can confirm Lima is a culinary gem.

Journey: For a trip that moves you, book a trip to Bhutan. There, you’ll experience traditional Buddhist culture, protected forests, and the scenic Trans Bhutan footpath, all the while having the snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks as your view. 

Connect: Bustling markets, a buzzing nightlife, and dedicated community and artist spaces landed Accra, Ghana a featured spot on the Connect portion of Lonely Planet’s list. 

Learn: France’s beachy yet urban port city, Marseille, garnered a spot on the Learn list for its cultural diversity and rich history, creating a city that is equal parts French and Mediterranean.

Unwind: For a relaxing trip, skip Bali and consider unwinding on the idyllic island of Raja Ampat in Indonesia. The lesser-known island has unbelievably brilliant coral reefs and an abundance of wildlife.


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Traveling to Croatia will look different in 2023 after Schengen approval

For my money, the Croatian coast ranks among Europe's best places to be in late August – early September.

The blues of the Adriatic Sea and Game of Thrones filming sites have long drawn people to Croatia. In 2023, however, travelers hoping to explore this Balkan gem will face some new travel rules as the country finally joins the Schengen zone — the world's largest visa-free area.

(Explainer: What is the Schengen Zone?)

Though the European Parliament voted in favor of removing border controls between Croatia and the Schengen zone, the final decision still needs to be made by the 27 EU Council members. The decision is all but set to pass on Thursday, so here’s what travelers can expect:

Money, money, money

Even though Croatia has been part of the European Union since 2023, it will officially start using the euro in January 2023. Moving to the euro is good news for Croatia’s citizens as it will hopefully help quell inflation. It also means that travelers won’t face such dramatic price fluctuations or the hassle of exchanging dollars or euros to Croatian kuna.

You’ll still need a passport

Travelers from other Schengen countries will no longer need to show a passport or identity card. Travelers from non-Schengen countries — such as the US or UK — still need to provide their usual travel documents.


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Big savings on seasonal product and holiday gifts 

From cult favorites and industry legends to under-the-radar finds, Huckberry has something for everyone. And right now, they are having their biggest sale of the year!

You won’t want to miss out on their first and only Sitewide Sale of 2022.  Browse best-selling items or the Holiday Outpost for inspiration and save big on seasonal products and holiday gifts.

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Screenshot: Lyft

Lyft and Chase partnership gives cardholders free perks, bonus points

For avid travelers, it’s no secret that the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is one of the best cards you can have to score some major travel perks.

Now, Chase is partnering with Lyft to give Sapphire Reserve cardholders complimentary Complimentary Lyft Pink All Access memberships for two years as well as a 50% discount on a third year. 

The membership, which typically costs $199 per year, includes benefits like:

  • Free priority pickup upgrades

  • Discounted rates and 10% off all Lux rides

  • Cancellation forgiveness on up to 3 rides per month

  • In-app roadside assistance

  • A free 1-year Grubhub+ subscription

Not a Sapphire Reserve cardholder? These Chase cards earn bonus points on Lyft rides through March 2025.


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Earth now has 8 billion people, what it means going forward

Earth’s population has officially grown to 8 billion people. Only 11 years ago, the world population reached 7 billion people worldwide. Growing by 1 billion in just over a decade is an unprecedented pace.

Though the growth rate is expected to slow down in the coming years, the population increase reveals some alarming trends. 

Population and infrastructure mismatches

70% of the population growth has come from the poorest countries with a lack of infrastructure and the public expenditure needed to support the rising populations. 

Slow growth isn’t necessarily good

On the other hand, slowing growth rates in countries like the US and China pose a threat to future generations. The combination of increased life expectancy and slow growth in these countries could lead to labor shortages and damage economic growth. 

Environmental challenges 

The drastic population growth has put a strain on the environment and exacerbated climate change. The growth has made fuel consumption grow at an unsustainable rate and has contributed to deforestation and the loss of biodiversity, according to the United Nations.

Though slowing the population rates may help mitigate further environmental damage, the countries that are most vulnerable to future climate impacts are also the ones with the fewest resources.


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