PLUS: Bali only wants these new tourists
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Last month, I traveled with my dad for the first time in a long time and forgot how much of an "Airport Dad" he is. If you don't know what that means, Jet2Holidays breaks it down here and even surveyed 1,000 UK dads, uncovering exactly how they earn that title.

Their findings are quite interesting, and while my dad might read them and say that he fits in any one of the percentiles, I think it's just because he's a Virgo with four daughters, and my mom who acts like the fifth.

In today’s edition:

  • How to unlock discounted priority Uber airport pickups

  • The details on Europe’s strikes this summer

  • Bali wants these kinds of tourists instead of the unruly ones

Protecting my peace in the duty-free shop, 



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Credit: Uber

Uber Goes Green with New Features for Riders and Drivers

Uber is now making the roads greener, one awkward small talk at a time. The rideshare company unveiled new eco-friendly initiatives for a more sustainable experience that’s better for our environment. 

Last Thursday, Uber introduced new eco-friendly features at the GO-GET Zero event in London, benefitting riders, drivers, and the environment by adding greener alternatives to the in-app experience. So, what are the new features?

Airport discounts and priority pickups by opting for EV and hybrid rides

"Green Curb" will be at select airports, offering discounts and preferred pickup zones for choosing eco-friendly rides. Launch locations include London Heathrow Airport (LHR), Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD), Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX), and Portland International Airport (PDX), with more airports to be added later. Discounts range from a 10% reduction on the base fare at LHR to a 40% discount on pickup and drop-off fees at PHX for Comfort Electric rides.

Peer-to-peer car sharing

Peer-to-peer car sharing is launching in North America and Europe, enabling users to reserve, unlock, and drive nearby cars through the app, much like Turo. The service will initially be available in Boston and Toronto. Uber Rent will still be offered, allowing users to conveniently compare and book rental cars from trusted companies like Hertz and Avis directly within the app.

Eco-friendly navigation and Uber-Eats deliveries

More efficient and eco-friendly rides are now possible with improved navigation algorithms, which consider distance, elevation, and stops. Additionally, Uber Eats introduces a feature to help users find restaurants with sustainable packaging in cities like New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Taipei. The goal is to eliminate all plastic waste from deliveries by 2030.

Check out Uber’s other “going-green” updates here.


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European Airports and Trains Face Summer Strikes – Know the Schedule

If you're jet-setting or planning a trip to Europe this summer, like everyone else online, you might want to stick around and know the strike schedule happening across airports and train stations over the next couple of months – and be sure to pack your patience!

UK airport strikes

Unite union members, who are security officers at London's Heathrow Airport (LHR) terminals 3 and 5, will go on strike due to pay disputes. These strikes are expected to occur on multiple weekends throughout the summer. Expect serious delays and disruptions on the following dates: June 24-25 and 28-30, July 14-16, 21-24, and 28-31, and August 4-7, 11-14, 18-20, and 24-27.

UK rail strikes

Currently, there are no scheduled rail strikes, but Britain's rail workers' trade union, the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen, is re-balloting its members for potential further action. The National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers plans to continue striking for another six months. Dates for these strikes will be announced in the coming weeks or months, likely before summer ends. Commuters will receive at least 14 days' notice before any planned walkouts.

France air traffic control strikes

Potential strikes by French air traffic controllers during the summer could have a significant impact on air travel, especially for airlines like EasyJet that heavily rely on French airspace. Previous walkouts have resulted in a 30% flight cancellation rate across the country, affecting tens of thousands of passengers with delays and disruptions. Specific strike dates are yet to be determined, but it’s good to keep in mind that domestic short-haul flights are banned, so keep that in mind as well when planning. 


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Bali Seeks New Tourists After Kicking Out 136 Unruly Ones

Bali is so fed up with unruly tourist nonsense that the country is seeking a new kind of tourist, particularly seasoned and with a whole lot of bread. You’ll get what I mean!

According to the Bali immigration office, the local government has deported 136 foreigners this year due to misconduct such as indecent exposure, rowdy behavior, and rule-breaking. In an effort to shift its tourism focus, the Indonesian paradise island, known for its beaches and lush rice fields, aims to attract talented nomads, retirees, and health buffs instead of vacationers who misbehave.

What kinds of tourists is Bali seeking? 

Instead of choosing between accepting all tourists or implementing selectivity, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster chose to transform the island into a health hub and research center to attract retirees and health workers, partnering with Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. This includes a medical center in Sanur and a research hub in Serangan, collaborating with Tsinghua University's Southeast Asia Center.

Bali is also attracting investors with tax breaks and simplified regulations, aiming for 477 trillion rupiahs ($32 billion) in foreign-currency earnings by 2052. Misbehaving tourists will face restrictions such as entry taxes, visitor quotas, and activity bans. Licensed tour guides and adherence to dress codes and regulations are required. Skilled individuals in digital, health, research, and technology sectors may qualify for "golden visas." Visitors with 2 billion rupiahs ($134,480)  in their bank accounts can obtain a "second home" visa for up to 10 years.

So, if you're a well-behaved traveler with a significant amount in your bank account, Bali is your oyster!


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