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NOLA, The Big Easy, N'awlins, Crescent City, Paris of the South – the list of nicknames goes on. But while this charming city may go by many names, there's only one New Orleans.

It's a city that's on virtually everyone's bucket list. Music lovers dying to hear live music in the birthplace of Jazz. History lovers eager to learn about the legacy of French and European influence. Self-proclaimed foodies just itching to sink their teeth into mouthwatering cajun and creole delights. New Orleans is truly a city with something for everyone.

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New Orleans Voodoo is more than dolls and trinkets from kitschy tourist shops. It's a religion that was born when enslaved West Africans, who had brought their own religious traditions with them, were forced to convert to Catholicism. The result was a merging of these belief systems, using imagery and rituals from each. Here's a terrific explainer on New Orleans Voodoo.

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Go beyond the French Quarter
It's true – the French Quarter is beautiful and an absolute must-visit. But you'll find so much more to love in the New Orleans other incredible neighborhoods.

Take your cocktail to go
New Orleans has some of the most relaxed open container laws in the country – as long as you're drinking out of plastic instead of glass. Bars will be more than happy to fix you a 'go-cup'.

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You don't need to pay a cover for live music
Don't feel like going to a 2-drink minimum spot for live music? Simply walk the streets of the French Quarter or down Frenchmen Street and catch a curbside show. Just be sure to keep a few bucks on you to show your appreciation for the artists that help keep New Orleans the vibrant city that it is.

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Say hello to fall and goodbye to bug-bites
Did you know the U.S. has over 200 different species of mosquitoes? And New Orleans alone contains over 60?

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Explore the French Quarter
Even if you're not looking to join the rowdy revelers on Bourbon Street, no trip to New Orleans would be complete without spending time in one of America’s most iconic neighborhoods.

Spend some time exploring the French Quarter and admiring the colorful 18th-century French homes and their wrought-iron balconies. Then, duck into a bar for some live jazz music, grab some delicious cajun food, or pay a visit to St. Louis Cathedral, America’s oldest cathedral.
Stroll through the regal Garden District
The Garden District is certainly a change of scenery from the French Quarter. In what many call New Orleans’ most beautiful neighborhood, you’ll find massive, stately mansions in an equally historic yet much quieter and more relaxed area. Be sure to pay a visit to the famous Lafayette Cemetery or take your own self-guided tour of the Garden District.
Experience the city's paranormal side
New Orleans has long attracted those interested in all things spooky and supernatural. In addition to being the birthplace of New Orleans Voodoo, AKA Voodoo Catholicism, there are countless stories about the city's haunted past – involving everything from ghosts and vampires to gruesome crimes and murders.

There's a variety of tours in the city that cover the city's paranormal past. Ghost City, Witches Brew, and French Quarter Phantoms are among the most popular tour providers.
Unwind in New Orleans City Park
If you’re looking for a place to rest up after a night of indulgence, New Orleans City Park provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. This massive 11,300-acre park, one of the country's largest, is filled with towering oak trees, trails, picnic spots, and attractions that range from the sculpture and botanical gardens to a 36-hole mini-golf complex!
Global influences meet down home cookin'
New Orleans is undoubtedly one of America's top food destinations. Home to both Cajun and Creole cuisine (not the same thing, here's the lowdown), you're never far from a delicious, stick-to-your-ribs meal in the Crescent City.

Once you've embraced your inner tourist and treated yourself to chicory coffee and beignets at the world-famous Cafe du Monde, grab a po’boy for lunch. Domilise's Po-boy is a beloved local institution, while Killer PoBoys has earned rave reviews for it's fresh, international approach to this classic sandwich.

For dinner, chow down on local favorites including gumbo, red beans and rice, jambalaya, fried chicken at popular spots like Acme Oyster House, Coop's Place, and Cajun Seafood.
Southern hospitality reimagined
Absolutely dripping in a combination of Southern charm and European elegance, Maison de la Luz is a hotel perfectly suited to New Orleans. Comprised of 67 guest suites, every aspect of this hotel is beautifully decorated and carefully thought-out, from the custom zodiac carvings in the tables of guest suites to serpent shower door handles.

For a memorable stay in the heart of the action, look no further than the Royal Sonesta. Located directly on Bourbon Street, many of their luxurious rooms provide balconies overlooking Bourbon Street, perfect for bead tossing. If noise is a concern for you, consider booking a room overlooking the courtyard pool.Β 
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